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The Professionals at Region IV Development can help you! We’ve helped individuals, businesses and communities in southern Idaho since 1975. Let’s put our heads together and find a solution that’s right for you!


The Region IV Development Association, Inc. is a private, not-for-profit corporation established to encourage development and diversification in the economy of South-Central Idaho.   Region IV Development is involved in a variety of programs and projects designed to promote job creation and economic diversification activities throughout the Region. Region IV Development works in the area of community development, economic development, downtown revitalization, business financing, and many others.  Region IV Development focuses a variety of resources, including the private sector, foundation support, and local, state and federal governments, on the needs of South-Central Idaho residents, providing a cooperative approach to enhancing the quality of life.


The Region IV Development Association was established in 1975, by a group of local elected officials seeking to develop professional capabilities to respond to the needs of the area's small towns.  By banding together, they hoped to achieve what they could not do alone.  Financial resources and time were donated to provide the seed money necessary to start a "Council of Governments" - seeking solutions to common problems and help with the ever-growing demands of the people in their communities.

Today, a 25 member Board of Directors composed of local elected officials and representatives from special interest groups such as education, employment training, minority organizations, and several economic sectors, oversee the direction of Region IV Development.  With an Executive Director, professional staff, and a mission to make economic and community development happen, RIVDA continues to provide technical assistance and leadership training throughout the region.

Expanding from a basic land use planning focus in the 70's, RIVDA currently assists in infrastructure planning and implementation, and developing community facilities.    Region IV Development also operates loan programs assisting small businesses with start-up and expansion plans and financing. 

To date, programs and projects carried out by RIVDA have created over 5,220 jobs - leveraging approximately $348.2 million in private sector investment in many communities where commercial lenders were hesitant to invest. Infrastructure planning and implementation have developed safe and adequate water and sewer systems in over 75% of the region's communities – leveraging over $34.2 million of federal, state and local funds.

Region IV Development has been successful in developing partnerships with the federal and state agencies charged with enforcement of regulatory requirements, and with community organizations striving to improve their towns.  One such partnership led to a National Performance Review Award for the development and implementation of the "Community Mandate Project".


The Region IV Development Association is the parent organization fostering economic and human resource development in South-Central Idaho.  To accomplish this, and to access various resources, it was necessary to incorporate another subsidiary:

  • Region IV Development Corporation (RIVDC)

The two organizations share office space, staff, and in a few instances, Board Members.

The RIVDC was formed in 1984 and designated as a Certified Development Company (CDC) by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) for the purpose of processing loans for small business development under the SBA Section 503/504 loan program.

The RIVDC Board of Directors is also the loan review committee for the RIVDA Revolving Loan Fund (RLF) and the Intermediary Relending Program (IRP).  The staff of the Economic Development Division of RIVDA processes the loan requests and documentation for all loan programs.

The Executive Director of RIVDA manages the operation of all programs and is responsible to each of the two corporate Boards of Directors for program and policy implementation.


The main office of Region IV Development is located at:

202 Falls Avenue
Twin Falls, Idaho 83301




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